(Answered) SOCW 6301 Week 4 Assignment

Assignment: Introduction to Research Proposals

Just because you thought of an interesting research question and have a desire to conduct research does not mean that your research will automatically be supported by faculty or funded by an organization. In order to gain stakeholder approval, you must submit a research proposal. Much like an outline of a paper or a treatment of a movie script, the research proposal contains several parts that begin with a research question and end with a literature review. For this Assignment, you compile a research proposal that includes a research problem, research question, and a literature review.

For this Assignment, choose between the case studies entitled “Social Work Research: Couple Counseling” and “Social Work Research: Using Multiple Assessments.” Consider how you might select among the issues presented to formulate a research proposal.

Be sure to consult the outline in Chapter 14 the Yegidis et al. text for content suggestions for the sections of a research proposal. As you review existing research studies, notice how the authors identify a problem, focus the research question, and summarize relevant literature. These can provide you with a model for your research proposal.

By Day 7

Submit a 5- to 6-page research proposal stating both a research problem and a broad research question (may be either qualitative or quantitative). Use 6–10 of the most relevant literature resources to support the need for the study, define concepts, and define variables relevant to the question. Include a literature review explaining what previous research has found in relation to your problem and question. The literature review should also include a description of methods used by previous researchers. Finally, be sure to explain how your proposed study addresses a gap in existing knowledge


Introduction to Research Proposals

Research proposal play a pivotal role in development of research project. It is through research proposals that one is able to establish not only the value of the research but also one’s project competence (Yegidis, Weinbach, & Myers, 2018). This paper is a research proposal on impact of psychotherapy on gay couples as deduced from the “Social Work Research: Couple Counseling” case study. Same-sex couples share a plethora of characteristics with heterosexual couples including daily life activities. However, in the social context, the life of same-sex couple differs to a huge extent due to external influences of traditional definitions and expectations of the roles of different genders within a relationship and the high dominancy of heterosexual culture in many areas (Umberson, Thomeer, Kroeger, Reczek, & Donnelly, 2016). It is highly crucial for social workers to take the problems faced by same-sex couple seriously and address them effectively through psychoeducation and psychotherapy. Among the approached to addressing this problem is through creation of educational programs for same-sex couples.

Background of the Study

In United States, the background of same-sex marriage dates back in early 1970s, when the very first law suits pursuing legal recognition of gay/ lesbian relationship brought to public attention the question of rights of civil marriages and benefits/ rights for same-sex couples (Barnes, 2015). Even though the first law suits were unsuccessful, this subject continued to become more prominent particularly in U.S politics after the 1993 Baehr v. Miike Hawaii Supreme Court decision which implied the possibility that the prohibition of same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The first legal marriage ceremony between same-sex persons in U.S occurred in 12th February 2004 (Barnes, 2015). Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco ordered the city hall to provide same-sex couple a marriage license. A few years later, the U.S

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