(Answered) SOCW 6301 week 5 Discussion 1: Group Research Designs

There are several different types of research designs. Each design is intended to
respond to a particular type of research question. The type of research design depends
on the type of research questions asked. For this Discussion, select one of the articles
from the reading list and consider several classifications of group research designs.
By Day 3
Post your response to the following: Describe which groups are compared in the
research. Then, classify the research design as follows:
1. By explaining whether the study is pre-experimental (cross-sectional, one-shot case
study, and longitudinal), experimental (control group with pretest and posttest, posttest
only, or four-group design), or quasi-experimental (comparing one group to itself at
different times or comparing two different groups)
2. By indicating what the researchers report about limitations of the study
3. By explaining concerns you have regarding internal validity and the ability of the study
to draw conclusions about causality
4. By explaining any concerns you have about the generalizability of the study (external
validity) and what aspect of the research design might limit generalizability
Please use the resources to support your answer.


SOCW6301 Week 5 Discussion 1 Group Research Designs

The article selected for this discussion is “Kohl, P. L., Kagotho, J., & Dixon, D. (2011). Parenting practices among depressed mothers in the child welfare system. Social Work Research, 35(4), 215–225.” Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

The study used pre-experimental, specifically longitudinal method of study parental practices amongst depressed mothers in the child welfare system. The study selected 1536 mothers and 3 to 16 year old children who remained at home after the study. The study, for more than 36-month follow-up period, studied….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5