(Answered) SOCW 6301 Week 6 Discussion: Qualitative Research Questions

Research questions that lend themselves to a qualitative approach often address questions about how people construct meaning. In this way, qualitative research questions set the stage for open-ended, inductive inquiry.

For this Discussion, review the case study entitled, “Social Work Research: Program Evaluation.” Consider the kinds of questions that inform a qualitative approach. Think about the quantitative method described in the case study and consider methods you might use to investigate the effectiveness of a program from a qualitative perspective.

By Day 3

Post your explanations of the following:

  • What kinds of research questions lead to a qualitative approach?
  • If you chose to conduct quantitative research in your Week 4 proposal, how might you reframe the research question in a way that lends itself to a qualitative approach?
  • If you focused on a qualitative proposal in Week 4, describe the qualitative research question and explain the rationale for choosing a qualitative approach.
  • Be sure to explain how you might collect the data.
  • Consider which qualitative method (case study, grounded theory, ethnographic research, cross-sectional research, feminist research, or participatory action research) would be most suitable for answering the research question.

Please use the resources to support your answer.


The kind of research of research questions that lead to qualitative research are those that involve the collection and utilization of non-numerical data that cannot be analyzed using mathematical or statistical tools and procedures (Tetnowski, 2015). In addition, the research questions focused on exploring social interactions, social process, and systems in natural settings lead to qualitative research. Further, research focused on developing a deeper and broader understanding of people’s culture, beliefs, perspectives, attitude, and experience about something leads to qualitative research (Leung, 2015)…..Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5