(Answered) SOCW 6301 Week Discussion 2: Evidence Based Practice

Competent social workers have many types of skills to complement a wide variety of
theoretical knowledge. This skill set and knowledge base is often informed by research.
Whether research is quantitative, qualitative, or a mixture of both, the information that
well-formed studies yield contribute to the knowledge base of the social work profession
as a whole.
For this Discussion, consider how evidence-based research informs social work
practice. Think about how research findings translate into social work actions.
By Day 4
Post your explanation of how research informs a social worker’s application of the steps
in the process of evidence-based practice. Be sure to explain how research contributes
to what a social worker may do in practice. Please use the Resources to support your


Following the vast technological advancements, social work practitioners have dramatically advanced their ability to collect and assess the evidence. As such, the application of evidence-based models such as stage of change model and parents as teachers (PAT) model has become more widespread (Drisko & Grady, 2015). Social workers are continuously and increasingly seeking information regarding evidence-based practices (EBP) through utilization of multiple resources including EBP registries and databases, online resources and research, and publications which offer them with useful information about contemporary and available EBP….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5