(Answered) Socw6051 Assignment 2 week 7: Journal Entry–Advocacy, Internationally

Advocacy, Internationally


The essay by Clinton Hillary not only disencumbers me of stress that comes with dealing with the LGBTQ clients but also provides me with confidence and the sense of freedom to interact with them. The fact that it recognizes gay rights as human rights is adequate to effectively advocate, mentor and support the LGBTQ community without the fear of discrimination in order to attain equality. The significance of enforcing the gay rights and developing policies that recognize the diversity in sexual orientations rotates around the fact that it lays a strong foundation for a more inclusive health promotion. The LGBTQ needs, particularly health and wellbeing issues and needs will be in a better position to be addressed.

Dentato, Craig, Lloyd, Kelly, Wright and Austin (2016) mention that even though the acknowledgement and recognition of diverse sexual orientation particularly the homosexual community is substantially difficult, it brings forth optimal opportunities for the re-construction and re-conceptualization of  human rights in an approach that effectively reflects the relevance of human rights, needs and demands. These re-imaginings to a huge extent provide the chance for the exemplification of human rights by the pluralistic forces that extensively invigorate the recognition and identity of humanity to build and sustain the relevance of human rights worldwide (Dentato et al., 2016.) The conventional and pervasive responses and perception of gay rights as impractical and theoretically controversial actually augments the sensitivity of the issue. Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10