(Answered) Socw6051 week 3 Assignment

Submit a 2- to 4- page paper, in which you:
 Identify specific messages about gender presented in the mass media.
 Discuss messages about gender you have received from your family or cultural group.
 Analyze how these messages have influenced your experience with gender.
 Explain how you might address issues related to sexism in the mass media and diverse
cultural beliefs about gender and gender roles in your social work practice.


Media and Sexism


The media commonly uses gender stereotyping to bring out humor and complement character-traits. The presence of stereotypes in television shows continues to overwhelm the viewers who subsequently internalize the messages of gender stereotyping and thus rendering it challenging to obverse stereotypical approaches (Haraldsson & Wängnerud, 2018). Originally, the media was exclusively dominated by men. Men had the liberty to tailor both men and women images based on their preferences. Taking this into consideration, this paper seeks to analyze media messages regarding gender stereotypes, gender messages acquired from my family or society, the influence of the messages to my experience with gender as well as various approaches to sexism issues presented in mass media  and societal beliefs in light of gender and gender roles within social work practice.

Messages about Gender Presented In the Mass Media

Male and female gender roles substantially vary in numerous forms of media such as television advertisements, prime time televisions, movies, music etc. the gender roles in most cases display women as cooperative, loyal, nurturing, gentle and sensitive. In TV advertisements, there exists the tendency to display women’s body for various promotions such as body creams…….