(Answered) Socw6060 Individual vs. Structural- Cultural Theories

 Describe how a social worker would conceptualize a presenting problem of poverty
from the two theories you selected.
 Explain how this conceptualization differs from an individual-related versus a
structural/cultural-related theoretical lens.
 Compare how the two theoretical lenses differ in terms of how the social worker
would approach the client and the problem and how the social worker would


SOCW 6060 Week 2 Discussion Individual vs. Structural-Cultural Theories

Social workers use theories to develop a better understanding of the problems as well as a world around use (Turner, 2011). Among the major social problems affecting the world is poverty. Social workers can use theories to examine and conceptualize poverty. The theories are categorized into individual and structural-cultural theories. The individual-related theory identified for this discussion is the McClelland’s Need for Achievement Theory. This theory has it that there are barriers to achievement and as such, it is fundamental for an individual to overcome the barriers. The theory further notes that individuals with the need to achieve….To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5