(Answered) Week 7: Healthful Environments

Reflect on an experience in which you were directly involved or witnessed incivility in the workplace. Provide a brief synopsis of the situation. How did this make you feel? How did you respond? What were the consequences of this situation? Provide an example of how this negatively affected the work environment and outcomes. How could the situation have been prevented? Discuss strategies that would support a healthy work environment.


Workplace incivility is one of the most common issues in various healthcare centers across the country. This issue significantly affects not only the victims of the negative behaviors, but also the care that is delivered in light of incivility.  D’ambra and Andrews (2014) explain that incivility is characteristically disrespectful and rude behavior that reveals lack of respect for others.  In my current area of practice, I have directly witnessed cases of incivility. However, the most recent one is where a nursing student showed disrespect to me. Precisely, the nursing student, who was working under me, was ever disengaged when it came to working with me in providing care to the patients. This is unlike other nursing students who showed a lot of interest in learning new things…….please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5