(Answered)MATH225N Week 6 Discussion: Confidence Intervals

Initial Post Instructions

Thinking of the many variables tracked by hospitals and doctors’ offices, confidence intervals could be created for population parameters (such as means or proportions) that were calculated from many of them. Choose a topic of study that is tracked (or that you would like to see tracked) from your place of work. Discuss the variable and parameter (mean or proportion) you chose, and explain why you would use these to create an interval that captures the true value of the parameter of patients with 95% confidence.

Consider the following:

How would changing the confidence interval to 90% or 99% affect the study? Which of these values (90%, 95%, or 99%) would best suit the confidence level according to the type of study chosen? How might the study findings be presented to those in charge in an attempt to affect change at the workplace?


According to Holmes, Illowsky, and Dean (2019), confidence intervals are used to make estimates about a population parameter. It is relatively easy to determine the parameter of a given sample population as opposed to a whole population. With the given sample parameter, one can them determine the population parameter. In other words, one can use confidence intervals to make estimates of a population parameter with the help of a sample parameter (Holmes, Illowsky, & Dean, 2019)….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5