(Answered)Nr505 Week 6: Statistical and Clinical Significance

The difference between statistically significant results and clinical significance is very interesting. For this discussion, respond to each of the following topics.

Distinguish between statistical and clinical significance of results.

Would it be possible to have research study results that supported the acceptance of the null hypothesis and demonstrate clinical significance? Provide a hypothetical example that supports your answer.

If you question the credibility of the results from a qualitative study, would the information have clinical significance for your practice area? Why or why not? Provide a hypothetical example that supports your answer.


NR 505 Week 6 Discussion Statistical and Clinical Significance

The importance of both statistical and clinical significance can never be overlooked especially in nursing/ medical research. Statistically significant results usually indicate the effects observed are not as a consequent of a chance (Connelly, 2014). Statistically significant results allow the research to draw conclusions based on research (Connelly, 2014). Conversely, clinical significance measures the strength of the relationship between the independent and outcome variable of a study and it is measured based on the positive impacts it has on quality of life, health cost, and patient health outcomes (El-Masri, 2016)…Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5