(Answered)NURS 6051 module 4 Assignment:Literature Review: The Use of Clinical Systems to Improve Outcomes and Efficiencies

New technology—and the application of existing technology—only appears in healthcare
settings after careful and significant research. The stakes are high, and new clinical systems
need to offer evidence of positive impact on outcomes or efficiencies.
Nurse informaticists and healthcare leaders formulate clinical system strategies. As these
strategies are often based on technology trends, informaticists and others have then benefited
from consulting existing research to inform their thinking.
In this Assignment, you will review existing research focused on the application of clinical
systems. After reviewing, you will summarize your findings.
To Prepare:
 Review the Resources and reflect on the impact of clinical systems on outcomes and
efficiencies within the context of nursing practice and healthcare delivery.
 Conduct a search for recent (within the last 5 years) research focused on the application of
clinical systems. The research should provide evidence to support the use of one type of clinical
system to improve outcomes and/or efficiencies, such as “the use of personal health records or
portals to support patients newly diagnosed with diabetes.”
 Identify and select 5 peer-reviewed articles from your research.
The Assignment: (4-5 pages)
In a 4- to 5-page paper, synthesize the peer-reviewed research you reviewed. Be sure to
address the following:
 Identify the 5 peer-reviewed articles you reviewed, citing each in APA format.
 Summarize each study, explaining the improvement to outcomes, efficiencies, and lessons
learned from the application of the clinical system each peer-reviewed article described. Be
specific and provide examples.


Use of Clinical Information Systems to improve outcomes

The clinical technological systems, such as health information technology (HIT) and Electronic health records (EHR), has a significant impact on the improvement of care and patient outcomes. Millions of Health organizations around the world have embraced the use of ERH, eHealth, and Telehealth technologies to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of hospital care. This essay identifies examples of recent studies that demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of various Healthy information systems in improving patient outcomes.

Bowles, K. H., Dykes, P., & Demiris, G. (2015). The use of health information technology to improve care and outcomes for older adults. Research in Gerontological Nursing, 8(1), 5-10.Doi.org/10.3928/19404921-20121222-01

This article describes the use of health information technology (HIT) to improve care and outcomes for older adults with fall and pressure ulcers. According to Bowles, Dykes, and Demiris (2015), healthcare professionals are using electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth to document every incident related to hospitalized patients. As such, the authors offer some evidence to support the impact of HIT and HER to improve patient safety, the quality and efficiency of patient care. Specifically, the elderly patients suffering from pressure ulcers and falls can benefit from the use of the EHR (Bowles, Dykes and Demiris, 2015)….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10