CITI module

Question 1

Question The two main criteria that the National Science Foundation (NSF) uses to evaluate grant proposals are:
Your Answer Intellectual merit and broader impact.
Result Correct
Comment The two main criteria used by NSF to evaluate a grant proposal are the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the proposal.

Question 2

Question A reviewer’s main responsibility is to:
Your Answer Behave professionally.
Result Correct
Comment A reviewer’s main responsibility is to behave professionally. A reviewer should avoid personal attacks but does not necessarily have to be friendly or avoid criticizing the content of the manuscript.

Question 3

Question The main reason that grant proposal reviewers with a conflict of interest should remove themselves from the review process is because:
Your Answer Their removal lessens the chance that bias will affect the review process​.
Result Correct
Comment A conflict of interest may bias the review process. It could cause a reviewer to reject or endorse a grant proposal in an unfair manner.

Question 4

Question Which of the following statements most accurately describes the review process for grant proposals?
Your Answer Funding agencies usually have committees, often with external reviewers, that assess the quality of the proposal.
Result Correct
Comment Funding agencies usually have committees to review the quality of the proposals received. The review process is not always the same from one federal agency to the next.

Question 5

Question Reviewers have a responsibility to promote ethical peer review by:
Your Answer Preserving the confidentiality of the submission.
Result Correct
Comment Authors of a paper or a grant proposal expect that their valued original information is respected and confidentiality preserved in order to attain the credit for their hard work.