(Answered) DNP-805 TOPIC 2 DQ2

You are now a DNP-prepared nurse in a new leadership position in clinical practice. Analyze your new practice workflow to incorporate seeing patients and in regards to communication with the health care team and the infusion of the EHR into your practice. What elements do you need to consider if this position is in a magnet acute-care hospital in a busy metropolitan area? How might your practice change if the setting was a rural regional clinic system?


As the healthcare system strives to move toward value-based care, a DNP-prepared nurse has a significant role in being a change agent to ensure better quality care. According to Trautman, Idzik, Hammersla and Rosseter (2018), a DNP prepared nurse can serve the dual role of practicing to impact both the patient and the system outcomes. In light of this, if a DNP-prepared nurse has a leadership role in a magnet-care hospital there are various elements to take into consideration in regard to communication, seeing patients and integration EHR. First…..Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5