(Answered) DNP-805 TOPIC 3 DQ1

1-Describe how CPOE and CDSS embedded in the EHR can be useful towards a specific patient population of your choice. Identify one element of either the CPOE or CDSS you would improve that could enhance the effectiveness of the system for that patient population.


CPOE systems and CDSS are increasingly becoming essential tools for healthcare providers as the need to deliver value-based care intensifies. CPOE typically involves the use of computer systems to automate the medication ordering process. In light of this, CPOE can interface with CDSS to increase the quality of care and safety in patients with diabetes. One of the ways CPOE and CDSS can be useful to this population is by enhancing the safety of the patients. With regard to improving medication safety, CPOE has been found to prevent prescribing errors….Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5