(Answered) DNP-805 week 1 Discussion 2

Select one informatics theory from the areas of Communication Theories, Change Theories, or Human Factors. Discuss how the application of the theory you select can guide the use of technology in advanced practice. What strengths does the theory possess that would make it useful to the DNP-prepared nurse? What weaknesses does the theory present that might prevent its use?  Keep in mind the Christian worldview when preparing your submission.


With the advancement of technology in recent years, healthcare organizations are increasingly assimilating technology in delivering healthcare services. In this context, healthcare organizations are rapidly adopting electronic health records to ensure efficiency in the provision of care.  However, the transition to electronic documentation presents possible challenges to healthcare professionals. Lack of relevant skills in new technology creates anxiety and fear of failure.  As a result, introducing healthcare technology may be faced with resistance to change. One of the change theories that can be used to successfully implement change in regard to healthcare technology is Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Theory….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5