(Answered) NR565 WB4359: Module 13:Using the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Promote Patient Safety in Opioid Prescribing and Dispensing


Aligns with LO1: Identify benefits associated with using a PDMP, including how they contribute to patient safety. Content is from Screen 12 in storyboard.


Using a PDMP can help alert providers to the following. (Select all that apply.)

A)Patients with an existing opioid prescription

B)Patients already receiving high daily dosages of an opioid

C)Patients prescribed other substances that present potential risks when combined with opioids

D)Patients obtaining opioid prescriptions from multiple providers


Aligns with LO2: Explain how PDMPs improve coordination of care across healthcare professions.  Content is from Screen 13 in storyboard.


PDMPs work as collaborative tools and can improve coordination of care between which of the following:




D)All of the above


Aligns with LO3: Describe strategies for improving patient outcomes when you find concerning information in a PDMP. Content is from Screen 28 in storyboard.


Which of the following are effective strategies to use when concerning information is found in a PDMP? (Select all that apply.)

A)Discuss the information with the patient using a non-accusatory tone and avoid using stigmatizing language.

B)Dismiss the patient from your care immediately.

C)Follow up by ordering a urine drug test for the patient.

D)Check for potential data entry errors.


Aligns with LO4: Select effective communication techniques to facilitate difficult conversations with patients.  Content is from Screen 34 in storyboard.


After confirming a patient’s PDMP data is accurate, the following strategies should be employed to guide conversation with the patient. (Select all that apply.)

A)Discuss your concerns with your patient.

B)Emphasize your commitment to his or her safety.

C)Explain the risks associated with the information revealed through the PDMP.

D)Discharge the patient and send them to someone else to explain treatment options.


Aligns with LO5: Recognize the potential benefits of integrating the PDMP with electronic health records.  Content is from Screen 24 in storyboard.


Integrating PDMPs with electronic health records (EHRs) results in which of the following? (Select all that apply.)

A)Eliminates additional logins outside of the EHRs

B)Avoids disruptions in the workflow

C)Makes it easier for pharmacists and providers to check the patient’s PDMP report quickly

D)Reduces providers’ and pharmacists’ ability to identify at risk patients




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