Question 1

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G-protein coupled receptors are targets for several psychiatric medications. Given what we know about these receptors, what is the ultimate result we will see when one of them is activated in a way that would potentiate an action?

A. Intracellular activation of second messengers

B. Protein phosphorylation

C. Modification of gene expression

A and B are both steps in the activities seen leading up to modification of gene expression.

Question 2

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Neurotransmission is unidirectional insofar as chemical and electrical conduction is concerned within the individual neuron. Of the following descriptions, which best characterizes the order of neurotransmitter/receptor interaction that results in an electrical signal impulse and the release of another neurotransmitter for interaction in the synaptic cleft (signal conduction through a neuron)?

Cell body, dendrites, Axon, Axon terminals

Dendrites, Axon, Cell body, Axon, Axon terminals

Dendrites, Cell body, Axon, Axon terminals

Axon terminals, Axon, Cell body, Dendrites

All of the other options are mis-sequenced in signal conduction.