(Answered) NR 393 Week 5 Discussion:Progress in Nursing in the Early to Mid-20th Century

There was much progress in nursing during the early to middle part of the 20th century (1900 through
the late 1930s). After reading the textbook and the lesson for this week, describe one area of change
in nursing during that time period that intrigues you. Discuss how that area could be applied today.


The nursing field has continued to evolve significantly over the past 15 decades more particularly since the beginning of revolutionization of modern health care by Florence Nightingale in the1800s. Gone are the days when nurses took patient temperatures with mercury-glass thermometers and hand wrote their notes as well as order on paper charts. Today, nurses use temporal thermometers and log their medical notes, order, and patient records electronically. Nurses have advanced from switchboards to smart-phones, laptops, and tablets and from diplomas to degrees….Please click the icon below to purchase full¬† solution at $5