(Answered) NR 509 Week 2 Alternative Writing Assignment:Respiratory System

  1. The length of the paper is to be no less than 1,500 words, excluding title page and reference list.
  2. Create this assignment using Microsoft (MS) Word. You can tell that the document is saved as a MS Word document because it will end in “.docx.”
  3. APA format (6th edition) is required in this assignment, explicitly for in-text citations and the reference list. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins and double spacing. See the APA manual for details regarding proper citation.
  4. Organize the headings and content of your paper using the outline below:
    • Select a body system relevant to the lesson from the previous week for the topic of this paper. For example, if you are writing this assignment for Week 2, then select the HEENT, Respiratory, or Integumentary system as the focus for the paper (not all three systems). NOTE: If you are writing this assignment for Week 1, select the Health History as the topic of the paper.
    • Discuss the physiology (structure and function) of the body system including details about the major organ systems (if applicable). NOTE: If you are writing the assignment for Week 1, provide an overview of interviewing techniques.
    • Construct relevant health history questions (subjective data) pertaining to the body system. NOTE: If writing the assignment for Week 1, construct relevant health history questions for all body systems as included on the review of systems (ROS).
    • Provide an overview of the objective data and expected normal physical examination findings for this body system. NOTE: If writing this assignment for Week 1, provide the expected normal subjective findings for each body systems on the ROS.
    • Explain special physical assessment examination techniques or procedures specific to assessing this body system. NOTE: If writing the assignment for Week 1, explain advanced interview techniques.
    • Analyze and discuss how you might adapt your physical assessment skills or interviewing techniques to accommodate each of the following specific populations:
      • Infant/pediatric
      • Pregnancy
      • Geriatric
    • Identify one major disease or disease process that may significantly impact this body system. NOTE: If writing the assignment for Week 1, identify one disease process or condition that may significantly hinder conducting a Health History interview.
    • Synthesis and discuss the expected abnormal physical examination findings that may be associated with this disease or disease process.
    • Summarize the key points.


Respiratory System

The review of systems (ROS) is considered an integral part of the nursing assessment practice. This is given that it helps in the gathering of essential information relating to the patient’s condition. Phillips, Frank, Loftin and Shepherd (2017) denoted that ROS is a systematic list of questions based on the organ system that helps the clinician in uncovering the clinical problem. Similarly, ROS act as a guide to identifying potential as well as underlying illnesses. This helps the nurse in prioritizing as well as planning for the care. In light of this, this paper provides a review of the respiratory system, its physiology, health history question relating to the respiratory system, objective data, and normal physical examination findings. This paper also espouses on the physical examination techniques pertaining to the respiratory system, how to adapt physical assessment skills to fit infant, pregnancy and geriatric as well as a disease that can impact the respiratory system

Physiology of Respiratory System

The role of the respiratory system in the human body cannot be underestimated. As such, its key role involves the exchange of oxygen from the atmosphere with the carbon dioxide produced by the body. Anatomically, the respiratory system is made up of..Please click the icon below to purchase full   solution at $15