NR447 Week 8: Closing the Loop

Complete the Week 8 AACN Essentials Self-Assessment (Links to an external site.).

  1. Compare your scores from Week 2 to Week 8.
  2. Describe how far have you come and how much further do you wish to go in improving your competencies during the next two years of practice.

Next, review the Course Outcomes as listed in the Syllabus. Select one of the course outcomes and share with your classmates how you feel you have achieved the outcome and how you will utilize the essentials and course outcomes in your practice setting.


As argued by Kramer et al. (2017), AACN essentials are considered pertinent to nursing owing to the fact that they typically deliver a driving force towards innovation as well as academic excellence. From week 2 to week 8, my score has improved significantly from 41 to 53. This is quite amazing and it portrays how the course has helped me in enhancing my competencies as a nurse. Taking this into consideration, one of the main essentials that I have improved substantially is communication. On this, throughout this course, I have gained communication skills through recognition as well as assimilation of a wide range of communication techniques…Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5