NR531 week 1: Organizational Structures and Theory

Explore the current organizational structure within the facility/agency/system for whom you work (or have previously worked). Examining the organizational chart can give you great insight.

Using a Venn diagramLinks to an external site., compare your organizational structure with a different one identified in the readings. Include the organizational theory that best underpins each structure. Be sure the overlapping area contains the commonalities between the two structures. Use the editable template for the Venn Diagram, available above for download. When completed, you will need to post it as an attachment in your discussion post along with your response to the following questions.

  1. Describe the pros and cons of your organization’s structure based on your experiences working there.
  2. If you could recommend a change or improvement to the structure, what would they be and what is your rationale?
  3. If your organization’s structure changed to the one in your comparison, what impact would if have on the current operations in your organization?

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