NR531 Week 4:Motivation within Organizational Structures

Nurse leaders, whether at the unit or organizational level, play a pivotal role within any given organizational structure in creating a healthy, motivating work environment. These environments are ones that encourage workers to perform their best and continue to develop professionally. The underlying belief about motivation is that the behaviors and actions of individuals are driven by internal and external factors. They possess these in varying degrees and are not the same for everyone. Motivational theory provides the foundation for creating strategies for motivating people to perform well and be satisfied in their jobs.

Consider this scenario:

You are the nurse administrator of a medium-sized health system with a multigenerational workforce. Over the past year, there has been a noticeable decrease in employee satisfaction scores, the presence of low morale, and attrition has begun. Attrition has not met the critical point, and you are taking action to prevent it from getting worse.

What is your approach to solving this problem?
Using a specific motivational theory, describe how you would create a healthful work environment within that organization.
Describe at least three theory-based strategies you will use to create this environment you described.

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