NR543 week 7 quiz

Question 1

/ 2 pts
(CO 2) Which of the following measures by the INS represents the most effective approach to maintain system and information security?

Education of end users

The installation of a firewall

Routine use of antiviral software


A combination of physical and logical safeguards

Question 2

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Which of the following activities with contingency management would be the best use of INS capabilities?

Review of downtime policies


Ownership for drafting and oversight of a contingency plan

Postdisaster evaluation of equipment failure

Postdisaster evaluation of staff compliance

Question 3

/ 2 pts
Which of the following best represents the potential impact of breached personal health information?

All of the above

Fines for inadvertent disclosure of personal health information

Loss of marketplace share for affected organizations.

Reduced patient confidence and willingness to share information.