NR602 Week 2 iHuman Case 2: pain with urination

A 25 year old female presented with pain on urination.


  1. Complete the week 2 module content prior to starting the iHuman assignment.
  2. Access iHuman by clicking the link provided below. Clicking the blue bar will launch the activity in a new browser window.
  3. Complete the case titled Case 2.
  4. Once you complete the case, click “Submit.”
  5. You will submit your iHuman Case Study completion score sheet to the corresponding iHuman submission assignment.


Health history Questions

How can I help you today .1

Do you have any other symptoms or concerns we should discuss .2

When did your pain/discomfort with urination start .3

Do you have fever?/Have you been having fevers .4

What is the appearance, smell, texture, and quantity of the vaginal discharge .5

Does anything make your pain/discomfort with urination better or worse .6

How severe is your pain/discomfort with urination .7…. for  physical exam, differential and diagnostic test click the link below