(Answered)NR630 Week 2: Organizational Structure

From your practicum experiences, discuss the organizational structure to include the reporting relationships and how the work is organized within the organization. Determine the line of authority of the nurse executive/mentor. (Use citations from previous management and nursing courses to support your findings.)


The healthcare organization structure distinctly delineates the reporting relationships in the healthcare setup. According to Libraries (2018), an organizational structure offers a definitive line of authority to ward off confusions especially during assigning responsibilities during reporting to a specific institutional authority. Taking this into account, reporting relationships typically follows a stringent hierarchical reporting framework to ensure proper facilitation of instructions and the healthcare resources. An effective reporting relationship positively correlates with cultivating a safety culture that distinctly facilitates proper healthcare services delivery and in streamlining healthcare operations. Additionally, a productive reporting relationship improves the health institution decision-making processes that can be essential in enabling the organization in responding promptly to changing healthcare operating environments…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5