(Answered)NR630 Week 5:Business plans

Describe whether your mentor is, or has been, involved in implementing a business plan for his or her unit or scope of responsibility. What was the scope of the business plan and target population? If your mentor has not been involved in implementing a business plan, describe other financial projects that he or she has been involved in implementing. What aspects of a business plan were followed to achieve approval of the financial project?


In my healthcare setup, I can attest that my mentor has been actively involved in the implementation of a business plan the nursing department. During this period, the department of medical-surgical nursing was severely faced with a shortage of nurses. As a result, due to insufficient staff, the department significantly suffered nursing burnout leading to reduced quality and safety of patient care. This situation led to poor patient experience and satisfaction, which made the healthcare institution inefficient and incapacitated. The scope of the business plan was to increase the nursing personnel in the medical-surgical nursing department to improve patients’ outcomes and quality of care…Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5