(Answered)NR630 Week 7 Assignment: Management Project


The management activity project is a major component of the practicum experience.  Students are expected to develop and implement a management activity that will benefit the organization and contribute to the student’s ability to achieve the course outcomes.  The management activity should be chosen, in conjunction with the mentor and approved by the course faculty, based on a review of the needs of the organization.  The student is to assess the need for the management activity, develop objectives for the activity and identify management strategies from the literature used in the development and implementation of the activity.   The student is to present the management activity to the targeted audience or recipients of the management activity.  If the student is unable to implement the activity due to organizational restrictions, the student is to identify in the evaluation the reasons for not implementing the project.

Due Date: Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week 7

Total Points Possible:  200


Create an outline of the management activity project (with short narrative if necessary) to explain how the project addressed each of the elements in the grading rubric below. Include the following with your submission:  samples of materials prepared to use in the management activity and appropriate reference citations in APA format.

Category Points % Description
Description of the project is clearly articulated 25 10%  
Identifies target audience for the project 20 7.5%  
Identifies issue or need for the management project 30 15%  
Objectives for the management project are clearly articulated 30 15%  
Identifies management strategies used in the development and implementation of the project 30 15%  
Includes representative materials used in the management activity (i.e. staffing plan, budget,  etc 20 7.5%  
Identifies evaluation methods and outcomes of management project 35 25%  
Formatting 10 5%  
Total  200 100 A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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