NR703 Building Leadership Capacity

Reflect on your personal and professional experience using the lessons in Week 1, your NR703 Self-Reflection: Performance Behaviors of Transformational Leaders, and the Strengths-to-Strategy Plan results. Address the following:

  1. Describe and give examples of your two strongest leadership competencies and two most significant leadership gaps, weakness, or developmental opportunities. (1 paragraph)
  2. Describe and explain how your leadership strengths differ from management skills or behaviors. (1 paragraph)
  3. Describe how you will integrate emotional intelligence into your leadership identity and how this may impact the characteristics of your followers. (1 paragraph)

Construct your responses using the CARE Plan method.


One of my leadership strengths is effective communication. I am cognizant of the importance of communicating clearly to succinctly articulate the expectations as well as seeking clarification from the team members. ¬†Effective communication in healthcare is profound as it helps in ensuring or protecting patient safety, saving on cost as well as ensuring efficiency. This is emphasized….. To purchase full solution click below.