NR703 Week 2 Transformative Leader Presence

Understanding that the leadership characteristics you discovered in Week 1 are different competencies than management skills, describe how you might accomplish the following:

  1. Engage the project team through leadership competencies.
  2. Use mindfulness as a component of emotional intelligence to lead the project team.
  3. Influence an environment that will sustain the practice change.

Construct your responses using the CARE Plan method.


Engage the project team through leadership competencies

Leadership qualities that can be used to engage the team include effective communication and collaborative skills. Using effective communication skills can enable a leader to get the team members and stakeholders to work effectively with one another while considering all parties with shared as well as opposing interests (Musheke & Phiri, 2021). A leader who is an effective communicator can build a common purpose as well as a positive work relationship. The ability to collaborate can enable the leader to support collaboration ….. To purchase full solution click below.