NR715: Week 2 The DNP-Prepared Nurse and the Global Burden of Disease


The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate your understanding of the characteristics of the DNP-prepared nurse and the skills inherent to your future role as a DNP-prepared nurse. The Global Burden of Disease drives the work of the DNP-prepared nurse as the consummate consumer of research. You will work to find solutions through iterative searching of evidence to address pressing issues.


  1. Share your views on the unique characteristics of the DNP-prepared nurse.
  2. The Global Burden of Disease and National Practice Problems are the focus of your ongoing work as a DNP-prepared nurse. The National Practice Problems are multifaceted and complex in nature. As you consider one of these complex practice problems, explain which of them would you consider examining and why. Remember to keep a limited scope of a problem you would consider working on with the interprofessional team.
  3. Provide key points on why recently published research studies supply the solutions to the practice problem you are considering. More about  this course


One of the unique features of the DNP-prepared nurse is the skill in evidence-based practice. The DNP program primarily focuses on the rigor of evidence-based practice hence nurses are prepared to lead the healthcare system toward the integration of scientific evidence (McCauley et al., 2020). Another unique feature is leadership competency. DNP programs prepare the nurses in organizational leadership as well as system-level thinking which enables them to solve the complex issues facing the health care system.

The complex practice problem that I would consider focusing on is diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association,  approximately, 34.2 million Americans equivalent to 10.5% of the total population have diabetes.  ……………….. Click  purchase for full solution