(Answered) NRS428V: Topic 1 DQ 2

Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to assist in identifying health issues (local or global in nature) and in creating an appropriate intervention, including screenings and referrals, for the community or population.


Due to the continuing nursing’s engagement in examining various challenges within a healthcare environment, phenomenology is not only essential to the identification of information but also the enhancement of nursing knowledge critical to the community health promotion. A geopolitical area includes the spatial designation with communities divide by both natural and human-made boundaries (Persaud,  Bhat,Ventriglio&Bhugra, 2018). The natural boundaries may be in form of mountains, rivers, and valleys. A geopolitical community is easily identifiable on a map. In this case, the geopolitical factors are significant determinants of how people handle various social, economic and political issues.……Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5