(Answered) NR602 Week 4: Pediatric Clinical Pearl Case Study Assignment

As you view the video, observe the parent-child and the parent-provider interactions. Pay
particular attention to the parent’s responses to the provider’s questions making note of
inappropriate and appropriate responses.
2. Choose five (5) topics from the following categories to complete the assignment:
◦ Cognitive Developmental Milestones
◦ Physical Developmental Milestones
◦ Social-Emotional Developmental Milestones
◦ Safety
◦ Alcohol/Substance Use
◦ Environmental Health Risks
◦ Temper Tantrums and Discipline
◦ Sleep Routines
◦ Car Seat Safety
◦ Healthy Teeth
3. You will develop and complete a table for each one of the five (5) categories using the
example below as a guide. (Note: There are at least 10 categories addressed in the video,
you must choose five (5) and create a separate table for each one).
4. For each of the tables, complete each section:
1. Issue: Category name
2. Negative interaction/behavior: What did you see or hear that was inappropriate?
3. Positive interaction/behavior: What did you see that was appropriate?
4. Guidelines/recommendation: What does the research recommend?
5. Scholarly reference: Must be in APA format within the table.
6. Professional/Ethical Communication: How will provide non-judgmental and non-bias
education regarding issue identified? Needs to be at least 3 sentences. Helpful Hints:
Acknowledge how they feel, state the facts and provide education or re-frame the
5. Scholarly references should be peer-reviewed, preferably a Clinical Practice Guideline
(CPG), intended for providers (MDs, NPs) and no more than 5 years old (unless it is a
clinical practice guideline’s most recent update).
Preparing the Paper
1. The table provided below is an example only. It cannot be used to satisfy the requirements
for any part of the assignment.
2. You may format your tables according to your preference, but APA format is required for the
reference column.

Category Car Seat Safety
Issue – Pertinent Negative The baby is placed facing forward in the backseat.
Pertinent positive The mom recognizes the importance of using a car seat.
Guidelines/recommendation  Evidence has shown that rear-facing is safer than the forward-facing of the car seat. This is owing that in rear-facing care seat the baby’s body is protected which prevents debilitating injuries in case of a car crash.
References Macy, M. L., Butchart, A. T., Singer, D. C., Gebremariam, A., Clark, S. J., & Davis, M. M. (2015). Looking Back on Rear-Facing Car Seats: Surveying US Parents in 2011 and 2013. Academic pediatrics15(5), 526–533. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acap.2014.10.004
Professional/Ethical Communication  It is evident you have been cautious with using a car seat and that is commendable. However, studies have shown that for safety sake, it is important to keep your child in a rear-facing safety seat as long as possible.

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