Socw 6051 week 5 Discussion: Racism and Privilege

Post an explanation of the relationship between racism and privilege. Furthermore, explain how the concepts of racism and privilege relate to “Working With Individuals: The Case of Mary.” Explain the impact of racism and privilege on social work practice. Provide recommendations for how you as a social worker might use an empowerment perspective when responding to Mary. Be specific and provide examples from the case. Also, identify specific skills social workers might employ


Discussion: Racism and Privilege

Privilege is the sense of rights, immunity or freedom granted to certain individuals and it considerably affects the relationships between different individuals within the society (Acosta & Ackerman-Barger, 2017). In a society that is egalitarian, privilege is not an issue as all individuals are treated equally, however in a stratified society, certain portion of the society have privileges while others face challenges in attaining those privileges. Racism entails the discrimination and disregard of specific racial group. Individuals are organized into groups in accordance to their similar physical characteristics such as skin, eye and hair color (Acosta & Ackerman-Barger, 2017).