socw 6051 week 6 discussion: Group Dynamics–Intragroup, Dominant Group, and Marginalization

Post an explanation of how dominant groups can play a role in marginalizing other
groups based on racial and ethnic characteristics. Discuss the potential negative impact
of a dominant culture on immigrants and refugees, such as Aaron. How might racism
and prejudice impact his assimilation? Furthermore, explain how you would respond to
Aaron when he discusses his family's rejection of his desire to maintain his cultural
roots. In your explanation, identify specific skills you would employ as a multiculturally
sensitive social worker.


Racism and ethnicity are two major contributors to social inequality. According to Fisher-Borne, Cain and Martin (2015), it has continuously become difficult to achieve an egalitarian society following the creation from groups based on diverse cultural backgrounds. These groups are dominant and subordinate groups. The subordinate group often faces negative stereotypes, prejudice and marginalization from the dominant group. The dominant group regard themselves as the powerful and more privileged within the society. The intolerant