Solution: NR543: Week 2: Needs Analysis and Systems Analysis

Last week for your week 1 assignment you were asked to diagram an information workflow from the point of collection to its use, retrieval, storage, and reuse within your setting, identifying users (stakeholders), issues or potential problem areas.

In reflection are there other personnel whom you should have spoken with or observed?

What did you learn from doing the Information Workflow Diagram?

What, if anything would you do differently if you had the opportunity?


The privacy of the patient and the security of their information presents the most significant barrier to adopting EHRs (2017). Patient information holds a lot of importance in the healthcare setting. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the patient’s health information (PHI) stays confidential because disclosing it to unauthorized people intentionally or unintentionally can have harmful outcomes.

In my week one discussion, I mentioned that I would involve IT experts to help implement clear audits on the EMR. However

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