Solution: NR543 Week 8: Nursing Nomenclature and Terminologies and Using Your Knowledge

Please answer all parts of the question. How would you go about implementing a SNL at your facility? What language(s) that you would select? What, if any, benefits are associated with the implementation of the SNL(s)? Who would derive the most benefits? What, if any, technical issues must be considered? How you would determine success?

How will you use the concepts in this course to identify, guide and evaluate the final MSN practicum project?


How I would go about SNL implementation

To implement SNL, I would start with cooperating with nursing and information technology staff. This would be followed by education of educators, administrators, and the staff about SNLs, sending vendors with the requirement to integrate SNLs, particularly ANA-recognized ones to support process and semantic interoperability, and participating in efforts to adopt SNLs in clinical practice (Matney, 2019). I would also work with data scientists in healthcare provision systems and carry out and present research concerning the benefits of adopting and using SNLs.

Languages to select:

I would select as many languages to include in our organization’s SNL. These would include ICD-10 Codes, ABC Codes, Clinical Care Classification (CCC), LOINC, ICNP, NANDA-I,Click the link below to purchase the full solution