Solved NRNP 6635 WEEK 2 DQ

The Psychiatric Evaluation And Evidence-Based Rating Scales

Post a brief explanation of three important components of the psychiatric interview and why you consider these elements important. Explain the psychometric properties of the rating scale you were assigned. Explain when it is appropriate to use this rating scale with clients during the psychiatric interview and how the scale is helpful to a nurse practitioner’s psychiatric assessment. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.


The three important elements of the psychiatric interview are chief complaint, history of presenting illness (HPI), and psychiatric history. Asking the patient’s chief complaint provides the provider with a basis for further patient assessment. It gives the provider an idea of the areas to focus on during the assessment (Gandhi, 2022). HPI provides information on the onset and course of the illness. It involves the examination of the duration, location, severity, associated symptoms, alleviating factors, relieving factors, and………………………………