(Solved) HCA320 Module 3: Leading Change: Nursing and Physician Roles

Assignment Description:

Roles of Healthcare Professionals

This assignment will be at least 1500 words or more. Reflect on the roles of nurses, and other healthcare professionals as the roles of physicians in the healthcare system moves from one of working in silos to a more progressive value-based system. Write a paper that discusses in detail why a value-based system may improve health care in the U. S. and address the following questions:

  • How has current policy transformed the current practice of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals?
  • What distinction can you make between physicians/healthcare providers working in a fee-for-service system and a value-based care system?
  • How do you view shared power between physicians and nurses in your healthcare system? How does it impact care?


Roles of Healthcare Professionals

The changing healthcare system’s landscape and infrastructure push healthcare organizations and professionals to adopt healthcare regulations, programs, policies, and other changes that aim toward the delivery of quality, value-based care (VBC), and patient-centered care (Teisberg et al., 2020). These changes include moving from specialty to primary care, seamless care delivery, allowing all healthcare professionals to exhaustively utilize their education, competencies, and training in their practice, and enhancing interprofessional collaboration. These and many other changes will facilitate the healthcare system to provide excellent care to patients, increase safety, and reduce errors. Nurses have a central role in leading and contributing to transformative changes in healthcare systems, including shifting from fee-for-service (FSS), episodic, provider-based care to VBC, team-based, and patient care characterized by coordinated, affordable, seamless, and affordable (Comunale et al., 2021). This paper discusses the impact of the current policy on current healthcare professionals’ practice, the difference between healthcare professionals in an FFS and VBC, and perspectives on shared power between nurses and physicians in our system and its impact on care.

Impact of Current Policy on Current Practice of Nurses, Physicians, and other Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare policy is a fundamental element of the healthcare system as it protects and shapes the population’s health and well-being (Maddox et al., 2019). Policy significantly influences essential issues such as cost, healthcare access, privacy, and methods of delivery. Some of the current policies include the scope of practice (including reduced, restricted, or independent practice for nurse practitioners (NPs)), security and privacy (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)), insurance………..

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